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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are precious expensive items that take a special oriental rug cleaning. It takes a trained technician like The Steamers to get out the years of traffic spots and the occasional spills on the rugs.

We know that handmade oriental rugs are beautiful and expensive. Our qualified technicians will give them the proper care they deserve. Oriental rugs are generally handmade with natural fibers and dyes, which requires them to be treated with special care using cleaning agents with the correct pH balance to prevent browning, color fading, discolorations and so forth. We will also adjust the cleaning temperatures and pressures to meet the special requirements of each type of rug. We use a whole line of cleaning agents and stain removers specially formulated to safely and effectively clean the delicate fibers of your specialty oriental rug cleaning. In addition, we offer top quality upholstery cleaning services.

Oriental rugs are precious expensive items that take a special oriental rug cleaning. It takes a trained steam cleaner to get out the years of traffic spots and the occasional spills on the rugs. When you purchase your expensive rug the last thing you want to worry about is the upkeep on it. Our company is here to take those worries from you and to keep your oriental rug staying in great shape for many years to come.

We are family-owned, and our air duct cleaning and restoration company has 5 years experience and offers quality steam cleaning service. We are experienced in residential services and commercial services. We have the manpower and the equipment for any size job requested.

Rug Cleaning Experience

We know oriental rug cleaning is a step by step process and our qualified technicians understand what is needed when performing the task. Rugs of this nature are delicate and for them to last and still have beautiful colors, they need to be cleaned properly. We offer an oriental rug cleaning that will keep them looking well-taken care of and clean. We can bring a highly traffic, dirty rug, back into an investment you can be proud of again. Not only are the technicians trained to take proper care of your rugs, but they also have the skills in place to provide Teflon carpet protection with our carpet cleaning service. We have a 2 year guarantee on all our work. If you aren’t satisfied, we will work at the task until you are happy with the end results.

We understand the desire to want clean carpets and rugs, but also get them at an affordable price. Besides Oriental rug cleaning, we also offer air duct cleaning service, which provides regular air duct maintenance at your home or place of business. Keeping the dust from coming into your home by the way of your air ducts is another part of the process of keeping your carpets clean. We have the high tech equipment and tools needed to provide your cleaning service. We are a company that you can trust to come into either your home or place of business, and be professional. We are there to do a job for a fair price and will always make sure you are satisfied with what we have done for your air duct cleaning and restoration needs. We have up front pricing and fast response time when we are called to service your needs.

Our staff is fast and friendly and we offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed for our work. It’s important to use that we use all green products in the cleaning process and when we use carpet deodorizer on your rugs and carpets.

Areas We Service

We service the Austin area and are located in more than 25 cities across the U.S. Our staff is dependable and honest. We are professionally trained in the steam cleaning business.

Why You Should Call Us

Our staff is available 24/7 and offer exceptional services. With fast response times and 5 years experience with the skills for oriental rug cleaning and other carpet cleaning tasks you may need, The Steamers are the cleaners to call. We are professional and have the skills needed to get the job done. You can always count on us being there for you and understanding your cleaning needs no matter what time of day it is.

We are here to take the worries away when it comes to cleaning your oriental rugs or your carpets. Our staff is prepared to handle any situation you need. Our pricing is fair and with your satisfaction guaranteed, there is no need to call any other cleaning service. Our company is proud to say that we bring you nature’s air.

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