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We Know The Feeling…

If you enjoy a fireplace and chimney in your home or office building, you’re not alone. But that also means that you require chimney sweeping services.

Simply Stated

The Steamers furnishes chimney cleaning services to people in 25 locations around the United States. We possess the specialized equipment and training required to help you maintain your chimney in clean, functional condition!

In Short…

Chimney sweeps inspect and clean the pipes inside a chimney, preventing the buildup of potentially flammable materials.

The Expert’s Guide To Cleaning Services

Chimney cleaning on a regular basis helps protect homes and businesses from potential fire and safety hazards. All chimneys eventually require cleaning.

Chimney cleaning on a regular basis helps protect homes and businesses from potential fire and safety hazards. All chimneys eventually require cleaning.

The Reason Is…

Burning fuels cause a buildup of soot and ash within pipes, and this material may eventually create a fire hazard. Fires burning in a chimney near a rooftop represent a serious safety threat.

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But That’s Just Part Of The Story

Additionally, birds, squirrels and other animals sometimes access chimneys and block portions of the pipes. A bird’s nest located near the rooftop in a chimney poses a potentially serious fire hazard.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Regular maintenance by the Steamers will help you prevent these types of problems from posing a threat to your property.

You’re Probably Thinking… How Does It Work?

Rely on The Steamers to help you keep your chimney operational. We provide important routine chimney cleaning services for residential and commercial properties

  • We’ll inspect your chimney and fireplace
  • Our capable technicians will take precautions to protect the cleanliness of the area
  • Let us clean your business and residential chimney pipes professionally
  • We use specialized tools and supplies
  • Enjoy your fireplace with confidence

You’ll Never Guess Where It All Started

Did you know that chimney sweeping has existed as a trade for centuries? In Fact, chimney sweeps were instrumental in fire prevention. The Chimney was used so often because heat for both cooking and heating was dependent on wooden hearths.

Of course, today The Steamers uses far more advanced technology than early chimney sweeps! We’ll help you maintain your chimney in great condition through regular, routine maintenance and cleaning!

The Top 10 Reasons Our Customers Love Us

Our customers value the important services we provide. When you schedule a chimney cleaning appointment with us, consider the advantages you’ll obtain:

  1. Hire an experienced, professional cleaning firm
  2. We maintain a family-owned and operated business
  3. Our technicians respond quickly to requests for assistance
  4. We use cutting-edge chimney cleaning tools and supplies
  5. Put our expertise in this area to work for you
  6. We always take precautions to ensure a clean work site- you won’t have to worry about vacuuming away soot and debris after one of our chimney inspection and cleaning sessions
  7. Obtain experienced chimney cleaning on a regular basis
  8. Have your chimney cleaned professionally before you place property on the real estate market
  9. You’ll love our friendly technicians and our honest, reliable cleaning services!
  10. We also offer a full array of air duct services for your home or business